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Today we’re having the release day blitz for Waiting for Tuesday by Taylor Sullivan. Grab your copy of it today and check out exclusive excerpt!

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About Waiting for Tuesday:

All I ever wanted was a home—stability, hard walls, and roots so deep they could withstand the strongest storm. Through long hours and determination, I was finally on my way, signing contracts for my brick and mortar ship, and beginning to feel settled for the first time in my life.

But the night I met John Eaton, I felt that stability crumble. His smile was a mixture of little boy and pure devil at the same time. I knew his type, knew the sort of games that came with men like him.

So I pushed. But he pulled harder. I tried to fight it, to shove away the connection that clawed at my heart, but it was too late. Roots dug in, grew deep, and twisted. John fell for me, and I for him. He was impossible to resist. I was his.

But a secret is a dangerous thing. Held for too long, it can rip a life apart.

Destroy the man I loved.

Destroy us.


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 Exclusive Excerpt:

I laughed then pulled the door open and let her enter the pub before me. But when I stepped inside, I immediately regretted letting Becky decide our location tonight. A man was literally standing on the bar. Literally.

He held a bottle of whiskey in one hand, tequila in the other, and at least a dozen women lined the seats in front of him like fangirls at a concert. He smiled down at them, a smile that was guaranteed to break hearts, and walked down the line, filling the glasses of women who couldn’t be much over twenty-one.

“I think I know why the parking lot is so full,” I whispered.

All the women were desperate for his attention, which made me look a little closer. He was good looking, sure, but it wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen before. Short, brown hair, almost buzzed, tall, nice build—nothing that warranted women lusting at his feet.

“I hope that’s not Colin,” I stated.

Becky took my hand and pulled me toward the corner. “No, I don’t know who that is, but he sure is popular.” She raised one brow then led me to a table at the back of the room.

I hopped up on a stool and glared across at her. “Organic beer, she said. You’ll fit right in, she said.”

Becky cringed. “I’m sorry, the atmosphere normally isn’t like this. It must be the Toasted Tuesday thing. Dollar shots.”

“Must be.” I opened the menu, determined to make the best of the night, and scanned their impressive list of organics. “I’m only having one beer, then I really need to get to bed.”

Becky sagged a little and frowned. “Come on, you haven’t been out since the launch party. Just stay until Colin gets off work. I promise you won’t turn into a pumpkin.”

I gathered my hair in a ponytail then pulled it over one shoulder. “Okay.” I knew I’d been too much of a hermit lately, and Becky didn’t ask for much. “But as soon as he’s off, I’m going to bed.”

Becky clapped. “Yay. I love you.”

I smiled, and then peered over her shoulder as a dark-haired man approached our table. “Is that Colin?”

Becky spun in her seat and grinned. “Hey, handsome!” She looped her arm around his waist then turned to face me again. “Colin, this is my friend Tuesday. Tuesday, this is Colin.”

He wiped his fingers on a red towel then held his hand out to shake. “It’s nice to meet you.”

I nodded, but a commotion at the front drew my attention. The man who was standing on the bar earlier now had an even larger crowd as he poured drinks from behind it. Three rows deep, mostly women, all standing around as if they were about to win the lottery.

I thought he might be telling some kind of story, because all the women burst into waves of giggles and squeals. I couldn’t help but grin a little myself. He was as animated as a child at Christmas. He kept running his hand over his head, in that boyish sort of way, and his smile was so joyful you’d think he had a pair of toads in his pockets. But as youthful and playful as his expression, his body sent a completely different message. This man was fully-grown: broad shoulders, corded arms, very tall… Suddenly, I could see what all the fuss was about.



About Taylor Sullivan:

Taylor is a contemporary romance author who loves writing stories about real people. Ones with hopes, dreams, fears, insecurities, and flaws. She loves to read as much as she loves to write, and is thrilled to share her first novel with you.

When Taylor isn’t writing, she can often be found with her nose in a book, her face behind a camera, or spending time with her husband and three young children.

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