Loving Ean by Elle Christensen

It’s release day for Loving Ean by Elle Christensen!! I am so excited to share this paranormal romance with you! Check out the fantastic excerpt Elle is sharing with us and be sure to enter her giveaway!!

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Loving Ean Synopsis:


All of my life, I dreamt of my own fairy tale romance.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my soul mate was a lifelong friend.

Ean is everything I want and everything I need.

But, my romance has become a fractured fairy tale.

Ean has pulled away and let his pain engulf him, leaving no room for me.

I want to heal him and bring him back to me.

But, if he won’t let me, I will move on.

I will find another destiny.


Laila is the best part of me, the light in my soul.

She is my destiny.

I want to give her all that I am, all that I have.

But, the guilt and pain from my mistake has ruined me.

I am not worthy of her and I will not drag her down into my Hell.

My love for her is forever.

But, she deserves some one who isn’t broken

So, I’ll watch her walk away, into the arms of another.

*Recommended for ages 18+ due to language and sexual content

Loving Ean
Amazon –> http://amzn.to/1Tqs3V4

B&N –> http://bit.ly/1GR5eqb

iTunes –> http://apple.co/1ekpuE5

Kobo –> http://bit.ly/1R4EgLa

Catch up on the Series with Protecting Shaylee

Amazon  http://amzn.to/1K9Zfu1

Itunes http://apple.co/1ySnzzN

Kobo http://bit.ly/1G74mY2

B&N http://bit.ly/1OG2SIM
Sexy young couple kissing and playing in bed.
Exclusive Excerpt:

Still avoiding my gaze, he does a cursory look about the room to see if we’ve missed anything. Apparently he’s satisfied that we’ve cleaned up all traces of our little rendezvous because he walks to the door and grasps the handle; once its open, he motions for me to exit first. At the opening, I pause in front of him and wait until he finally lifts his eyes to mine. I scrutinize his blue depths and search for any difference after what we shared. No. He has shut me out once again.

“No regrets.” I leave him with the same words as always.

And, like always, he says nothing in return.

I step out into the hall and come to a sudden stop. Brannon is just leaving out of his room at the end of the hall. He smiles and opens his mouth to speak, but then his eyes dart past me and his lips come together in a grim line. I can only imagine what he is seeing. Rumpled clothes, messy hair, swollen lips, and glowing skin. This is the second time he has run into us in this state, but this time, there is no question what just happened. It’s pretty damn clear.

Brannon starts toward us but his eyes are on Ean. I decide to let him deal with it and walk away, albeit slowly, so that I can eavesdrop a little.

“Dude,” Brannon’s voice is low and accusatory, “Please tell me that you did not just fuck Aden’s sister with him in the next room.”

“Watch how you fucking talk about her, Brannon.” Ean growls.


“Relax.” Ean’s voice is laid back now, almost nonchalant. “We were just blowing off some steam. Don’t make more of it than it is.”

His words cause tears to prick behind my eyes. One of the worst things about complete honesty is that you can’t pretend that someone is lying to save yourself from pain. Ean truly believes that’s what we are. And, somehow, I’ve let him continue to believe that I’m ok with it. Yep, I’m as much to blame for this as he is.

I blink away the moisture. I don’t deserve to wallow in self-pity, especially since I know, the next time he comes to me, I won’t turn him away.


Elle Christensen Bio:

logo on blackI’m a lover of all things books, a hopeless romantic, and have always had a passion for writing. Between being a sappy romantic, my love of an HEA, my crazy imagination, and ok, let’s be real, my dirty mind, I fell easily into writing romance.

I’m a huge baseball fan and yet, a complete girly, girl. I’m an obsessive reader and have a slight (hahaha! Slight? Yeah, right) addiction to signed books.

I’m married to my very own book boyfriend, an alpha male with a sexy, sweet side. He is the best inspiration, my biggest supporter, and the love of my life. He is also incredibly patient and understanding about the fact that he has to fight the voices in my head for my attention.

I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Website: www.ellechristensenauthor.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorElleChristensen

TSU: https://www.tsu.co/AuthorElleC

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AuthorElleC

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/10228232.Elle_Christensen

Instagram https://instagram.com/authorellec/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/authorellec/

Amazon Author Page: amazon.com/author/ellechristensen


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