Woah 2012…

It has been a wild ride the past few months, and I have not had time to update the blog because I have been working so much. In the last month, I have signed three new authors on here at InkSlinger PR. Each of them is highly talented, and I am thrilled to be getting to work with them and share their books with the world. I will be doing a post on each of them and what they are up to over the next few days so that you can get to know them and see what they are about. Make sure you are keeping your eyes on the look out for that! But if you can’t wait until then, feel free to click on their names over on the sidebar ———–> and check out their websites.

I have also made a concrete payment plan for my publicist services. This is different from a specialized event that you might hire me for such as a blog tour or release day launch. To hire me as a publicist means we are working as a team on all things PR and marketing related for you, your branding as a whole, and your books. Before I had a plan in place but didn’t put it on the website, but now I will be adding it to the task bar above by this weekend. I hope that helps those who are seeking information a little better.

Another tidbit of information is that back in April, I was hired by Month9Books to be their Public Relations Manager. I know this is very delayed news, and most already know this, but I thought I would put it out there officially here on the site. AND because…I have received a promotion this past month and been made their Director of Marketing & PR!! I am overwhelmed and ecstatic and all of those things of course. I’ll be keeping you posted on some of the things going on there and with their 2013 catalog, but you can definitely check out what we are about and what we have coming by going to their website. If you love Young Adult and Middle Grade speculative fiction, this publisher is for you!

Finally, you don’t want to miss what Amanda Havard has going on with her series, The Survivor Series, right now. There’s a new Tumblr fiction site that is going to blow your mind. She also just announced that Book 3 will releasing August 20th. I’ll be telling you more about that in the upcoming days too.

It is on my list to become better at keeping up with my own site and blog. I won’t make excuses but sometimes it’s hard to get to my own stuff because I’m busy with everybody elses…I promise that is how my authors would rather it be. That being said, I will try to be better.

I hope your New Year is proving to be shiny and bright, and that all of your dreams are coming true. I have to tell you-2012 was a year I will never forget. I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store for us all!