The Medusa Files 8: Cut From Stone Release Day Launch!

It’s release day for C.I. Black’s The Medusa Files, Case 8: Cut From Stone. I am so excited to share this great new urban fantasy with you! C.I. is sharing an exclusive excerpt and a giveaway with you! Grab your copy and check it all out now!


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The Medusa Files, Case 8: Cut From Stone Synopsis:


This disaster could destroy everything she hadn’t realized she needed.

While Gage might be out of human custody, the Kin High Council remains suspicious of him and the team, and Lachlin is now even more determined to force Morgan to quit. The only person Morgan can trust is Gage, but her attraction to him has made her powers dangerously uncontrollable.

When someone sets off a bomb at a Kin high society party and releases a contagion that turns Kin into humans, the team must put their difference aside and stop their most dangerous threat yet.

If you haven’t started the series yet, you can get the first book, The Medusa Files, case 1: Written In Stone,  for FREE!

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Exclusive Excerpt:

His expression darkened even more, and invisible lightning snapped across Morgan’s skin. The bathroom was too small for both of them and his magic. Another snap of lightning and her newly manifested gorgon powers exploded over her eyes, rushing out of control across her cheeks.


She squeezed her eyes shut and jerked to face the shower stall, away from Gage. Fiery tears threatened to seep from beneath her lashes, and every muscle grew tight with the effort to hold it back. Shit shit shit.

“That was Loric on the phone,” Gage said. His voice sounded so far away and hushed against the rushing in her ears. “We have to report to the Council.”

“Okay.” She sucked in a ragged breath. One of the tears inched closer to release.

“You all right?” He stepped close. The heat from his body and the tingle from his power brushed her senses, and her hold on her powers trembled.

“Fine.” The tear broke through and traced a searing line down her cheek. She caught it in her palm before it hit the floor and exploded into a drop of granite dust.


“Just give me—” She forced her shoulders into a roll, trying to loosen the muscles. Logically she knew if she relaxed so would her powers, but the other part of her — probably her human part — screamed with panic. Don’t kill anyone. Again.

“Focus on my voice,” he said, his tone softening. “Draw in a slow breath.”

She inhaled.

“That’s it. Relax, Morgan.” His tone shifted — or was that her imagination changing it? It was now sensual, slick, sexually charged. “Relax, Morgan.”

Desire shuddered through her, and Lachlin’s unwanted fae charm billowed, achy and needy inside her. Her powers flared again. Gage stood so close, too close.


Another shudder and burst of power. Two more tears slid from her lashes. She wiped them away. She was going to kill someone or destroy the building they were in, and Gage wasn’t helping. “Please. Just step back.”

“You can control it.” He slid a hand up her back.

Her muscles contracted. Desire and fire roared through her. It forced her eyes open, burst through her sunglasses, and slammed into the shower door. It flash-froze to stone and cracked. She wrenched her glasses off and pressed her palms to her eyes before the door exploded. When her power was this out of control, things tended to erupt into granite dust, not just turn to stone. She’d gotten lucky with the door.

Gage’s fingers tensed on her shoulder, and her powers seared her hands.

“Stop touching me.”

His hand and the sense of him vanished.

“You’re getting stronger.” It sounded like his voice was all the way across the room. “And unstable. Your powers shouldn’t be this unstable.”



C.I. Black Bio:

CI Author photo

C.I. writes fast-paced, thrilling, and sexy urban fantasy and paranormal romance. She is the author of the Dragon Spirit series and the Medusa Files series.

Always having been drawn to storytelling, C.I. can’t remember a time when she wasn’t creating a story. Her early tales were adventures with fairies, dragons, and sword swinging princesses.

Today she continues to spin tales of magic in lands near and far, while her cat sits on the edge of her desk and supervises. When she’s not writing, you can find her pretending to be other people with her local community theatre groups.


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