RT Convention 2014

rt14logoIt’s that time of year again! The RT Booklovers Convention is upon us, and we don’t want you to miss a single moment with one of our InkSlinger PR authors if you are headed to New Orleans with us! KP and Shanyn will both be there for the week too! Check out the schedule below and come have a great time with us!

InkSlinger PR Authors’ RT Schedule

Tuesday, May 13

1:00-3:00 Garden District New Adult Book Signing: Cora Carmack, Nichole Chase, Jay Crownover, Jennifer L. Armentrout (as J. Lynn) Garden District Bookshop 2727 Prytania St., New Orleans, LA 70130

2:45pm-3:45pm Scrapbooking Mania: Jennifer L. Armentrout 2nd Floor, Gallery 5

5:30pm-8:00pm Cinema Craptastique: Laura Kaye 3rd Floor, Salon E (Mardi Gras Ballroom)

8:15-10:00pm Never Have I Ever New Adult Pajama Party: Jennifer L. Armentrout, Genn Albin (Sophia Bleu), Cora Carmack, Nichole Chase, Chanel Cleeton, Rachel Harris, Jen McLaughlin 2nd Floor, Gallery 4

10:15-11:45pm YA Spooky Sleepover: Rachel Harris 4th Floor, Balcony I

Wednesday, May 14

8:45am The Great Author Hunt Begins… Jennifer L. Armentrout, Laura Kaye (Continues until Saturday)

12:00-4:45pm Club RT: Rachel Van Dyken (12:30pm) 2nd Floor, Gallery 1

12:00-1:00pm A Novel in 30 Days or Less: Laura Kaye, Jennifer L. Armentrout 4th Floor, Balcony L

12:00-1:00pm History Fan Fictionary (or Call My Bluff): Molly O’Keefe 2nd Floor, Gallery 4

2:30-4:45pm Entangled’s Candy and Spoons!: Jennifer L. Armentrout, Rachel Harris, Laura Kaye, Jen McLaughlin 2nd Floor, Gallery 5

3:45-4:45pm YA: “When I Fall in Love” Romance in YA: Daisy Whitney 2nd Floor, Studio 7 (Preservation Hall)

7:15pm-12:00am Mardi Gras World Carnivale!: Gallery, Forever, Random House & More Off-Site: Mardi Gras World

Thursday, May 15

9:00am-5:00pm Club RT: Laura Kaye (10am), Melody Anne (3:15pm), Chanel Cleeton (4:30pm), Laurelin Paige (4:30pm), Rachel Van Dyken (4:30pm) 2nd Floor, Gallery 1

10:00-11:00am Sex on the Beach (with Jen X3): Jen McLaughlin, Jennifer Probst 3rd Floor, Salon A (Mardi Gras Ballroom)

10:00-11:00am Audiobooks Are the New Black: Melody Anne 4th Floor, Bonaparte

11:15am-12:15pm Avon’s Hats and Tats: Cora Carmack, Nichole Chase, Laura Kaye, Monica Murphy 3rd Floor, Salon E (Mardi Gras Ballroom)

11:15am-12:15pm Plotting Out Your Series When You’re a Seat of Your Pants Writer: Lisa Renee Jones, Jennifer Probst 4th Floor, Balcony L

11:15am-12:15pm CONTEMPORARY: Small Towns, Big Stories: Molly O’Keefe 2nd Floor, Studio 7 (Preservation Hall)

1:30-2:30pm NA: Capturing the New Adult Voice: Jennifer L. Armentrout, Cora Carmack 2nd Floor, Studio 7 (Preservation Hall)

1:30-2:30pm It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Falls in Love: Ruthie Knox, Molly O’Keefe 2nd Floor, Gallery 4

2:45-3:45pm The Annual Shooting Stars Gala & Reader Party: Jen McLaughlin 3rd Floor, Salon D (Mardi Gras Ballroom)

3:00-4:05pm Gallery/Pocket Publisher Spotlight: Kristen Proby 4th Floor, Balcony I

4:00-5:00pm What’s Next in New Adult: Jennifer L. Armentrout 2nd Floor, Studio 2 (Preservation Hall)

4:00-5:00pm Brazen Picture Perfect: Laura Kaye, Jen McLaughlin, Monica Murphy 2nd Floor, Gallery 5

Friday, May 16

9:00am-3:45pm Club RT: Lauren Blakely (1:30pm), Laurelin Paige (2:00pm), Melody Anne (2:00pm) 2nd Floor, Gallery 1

11:15-12:15 Digital DIY: The Pros & Cons of Digital Self-Publishing: Kristen Proby 2nd Floor, Studio 7 (Preservation Hall)

1:30-2:30pm Mythology Romance Olympics Game: Laura Kaye 2nd Floor, Studio 8 (Preservation Hall)

2:45-3:45pm Sex and New Adult: Jennifer L. Armentrout 2nd Floor, Gallery 5

2:45-3:45pm A Push in the “Write” Direction: Molly O’Keefe 4th Floor, Bacchus

2:45-3:45pm Coming Back For More: Ruthie Knox 4th Floor, Balcony K

2:45-3:45pm Laughter Is the Best Medicine: Writing Humor: Cora Carmack 2nd Floor, Studio 2 (Preservation Hall)

4:00-6:00pm RT Book Reviews Award Ceremonies: Jennifer L. Armentrout, Ruthie Knox 3rd Floor, Carondelet (Grand Ballroom)

6:15-7:45pm Avon’s Krewe of Muses: Jennifer L. Armentrout, Cora Carmack, Nichole Chase, Jay Crownover, Laura Kaye, Monica Murphy, Angie Stanton 3rd Floor, Acadia (Grand Ballroom)

Saturday, May 17

11:00am-2:00pm Giant Book Fair Signing: Kristen Proby, Melody Anne, Gennifer Albin, Jenna Bennett, Chelsea M. Cameron, Cora Carmack, Nichole Chase, Jay Crownover, Rachel Harris, Jen McLaughlin, Monica Murphy, Raine Miller, Jennifer Probst, Laurelin Paige, Angie Stanton, Rachel Van Dyken, Lauren Blakely, Ruthie Knox, Laura Kaye, Jennifer L. Armentrout 3rd Floor, Acadia (Grand Ballroom & Mardi Gras Ballroom

2:30-3:30pm Author Speed Reading A: Gennifer Albin 4th Floor, Balcony I

5:00-6:00pm Author Speed Reading C: Rachel Harris 4th Floor, Balcony I

6:15-8:00pm FAN-Tastic Day Party: Laura Kaye (Featured Author), Jennifer L. Armentrout (Featured Author), Jennifer Probst (Featured Author) 2nd Floor, Preservation Hall

New Authors join the InkSlinger PR Family

I am thrilled to give an update on InkSlinger authors and announce new authors that have joined the InkSlinger PR family over the past couple of months. They are full of awesome and have written such amazing books. I cannot wait for you to read them. Check out what Amanda Havard, K.A. Tucker, Courtney Cole, Morgan Wylie, Amy Evans, and Alyssa Rose Ivy have going on!

Point of Origin

Amanda Havard is one of those authors that keeps you guessing and wondering about just where her books are going to go. You make up conspiracy theories and you are always wrong. Her Young Adult series, THE SURVIVORS, will keep you asking for more. The second book, POINT OF ORIGIN, released in 2012. We will be revealing the cover to Book 3, coming Summer 2013, soon! Right now, you can go enter to win some goodies from Amanda HERE!

TTB cover

K.A. Tucker is an author with Young Adult and New Adult titles out right now. Her newest release, TEN TINY BREATHS, has taken the literary community by storm. So much so that Atria (Simon & Schuster) took notice too. K.A. has signed a 4 book deal with Atria! The second title, ONE TINY LIE, will be releasing later this year. If you haven’t read TEN TINY BREATHS, go pick it up now. I’m about to start setting up the TEN TINY BREATHS blog tour!


Courtney Cole is lighting up the BestSelling charts on Amazon and Barnes & Noble right now. Her new release, IF YOU STAY, is sitting in the Top 10 on Amazon and the Top 20 on Barnes & Noble right now! This book is raw, gritty and delicious. Courtney is another author with multiple titles out there for you. We’re in the middle of IF YOU STAY’s blog tour right now!

Morgan Wylie

Morgan is a Young Adult author. Her debut novel is going to knock your socks off! I can’t wait for you to see the cover of the novel (coming soon!) and read what I have read. It is haunting and beautiful. You are going to love it. A cover reveal is coming soon!!


Alyssa Rose Ivy is a seasoned author who is working on a couple of New Adult titles to add to her collection. I’m enthralled with her books and with her! If you haven’t read anything by her yet. Go out and get her books! We’re going to be setting up blog tours and reveals very soon for some upcoming projects. Be on the lookout!


Amy Evans is an upcoming Young Adult author writing THE DOLPHIN PROPHECY series. This series is a YA thriller full of romance and magical environmentalism. It will grab you in unexpected ways. You will find yourself rooting for each of the characters, falling in love with the love story, and intrigued by the ins and outs of the society Amy has created. We’re planning a cover reveal for the first book right now!

Woah 2012…

It has been a wild ride the past few months, and I have not had time to update the blog because I have been working so much. In the last month, I have signed three new authors on here at InkSlinger PR. Each of them is highly talented, and I am thrilled to be getting to work with them and share their books with the world. I will be doing a post on each of them and what they are up to over the next few days so that you can get to know them and see what they are about. Make sure you are keeping your eyes on the look out for that! But if you can’t wait until then, feel free to click on their names over on the sidebar ———–> and check out their websites.

I have also made a concrete payment plan for my publicist services. This is different from a specialized event that you might hire me for such as a blog tour or release day launch. To hire me as a publicist means we are working as a team on all things PR and marketing related for you, your branding as a whole, and your books. Before I had a plan in place but didn’t put it on the website, but now I will be adding it to the task bar above by this weekend. I hope that helps those who are seeking information a little better.

Another tidbit of information is that back in April, I was hired by Month9Books to be their Public Relations Manager. I know this is very delayed news, and most already know this, but I thought I would put it out there officially here on the site. AND because…I have received a promotion this past month and been made their Director of Marketing & PR!! I am overwhelmed and ecstatic and all of those things of course. I’ll be keeping you posted on some of the things going on there and with their 2013 catalog, but you can definitely check out what we are about and what we have coming by going to their website. If you love Young Adult and Middle Grade speculative fiction, this publisher is for you!

Finally, you don’t want to miss what Amanda Havard has going on with her series, The Survivor Series, right now. There’s a new Tumblr fiction site that is going to blow your mind. She also just announced that Book 3 will releasing August 20th. I’ll be telling you more about that in the upcoming days too.

It is on my list to become better at keeping up with my own site and blog. I won’t make excuses but sometimes it’s hard to get to my own stuff because I’m busy with everybody elses…I promise that is how my authors would rather it be. That being said, I will try to be better.

I hope your New Year is proving to be shiny and bright, and that all of your dreams are coming true. I have to tell you-2012 was a year I will never forget. I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store for us all!


UtopYA Convention

In July, the UtopYA Convention will be taking place in Nashville. I’m excited about this convention for so many reasons. First, I am being given the opportunity to speak at it and I cannot wait! Second, Amanda Havard will be there speaking, having events, etc. It’s going to be very cool. Third, Myra McEntire is the keynote speaker. Fourth, it’s a convention for women authors, readers, and fans! I read someone say it is a very “unconventional” convention, and I agree. It’s also going to be a completely wonderful convention! If you can get to Nashville, or you’re already there, you need to check this event out.

Eventbrite - UtopYA: The Young Adult conference for women authors of paranormal fantasy & the fans who love them