Publicist Services

Looking to increase the visibility of your books? Want to solidify your brand? InkSlinger PR’s Publicist Services might just be the answer for you!

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Publicist Services


There are two ways you can work with InkSlinger PR full-time. We have set up the following for our publicist services where pricing is concerned.

First, some authors choose to pay us hourly for however many hours we work a month. This is on a month-to-month basis contract. Some of the authors on this payment plan give us a number of hours we can work a month to work with their budget based on the hourly wage we charge. Others just tell us to go with no limitations. 

Second, and this is the plan most authors go with, is a monthly fee with a minimum of 20 hours of work a month on our part and up to 25 hours. To do this plan, the author commits to a minimum of 4 months working with us in the contract.

Both of these packages can be customized to the author and their needs and budget. Some want more of our time and some want less. InkSlinger PR knows that each author is in a different financial spot, and we always want to be sensitive to that fact.

Contact us for pricing information regarding this plan at

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