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Today we have the release day blitz for Lexi C Foss’ Angel Bonds! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy of this sexy romance today!


About Immortal Curse Series:

Author: Lexi C Foss

Genre: Paranormal Romance



Welcome to a world of cursed immortals, broken rules and eternal love…


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About Angel Bonds:

Author: Lexi C Foss

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Death courts Astasiya Davenport at every turn.Dark fates lurk in the shadows of the night.
And a prophecy looms unbidden on the horizon.

With her future in shambles, she leans on Issac Wakefield for his love and support. They crave just one more moment together, one more night, until a massacre destroys everything in their path.

Will their relationship perish in the embers of destruction, or will love persevere?

Kingdoms will fall.
New powers will emerge.
And a Seraphim will rise from the ashes of despair.

An immortal war is on the horizon.
Death will reign.
The endgame begins now.



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Exclusive Excerpt:

“Don’t make me say goodbye yet.” He sounded so fractured that it tore her apart. She could deny him nothing. Especially when she desired the same.

But one of these days, they’d have to be strong enough to walk away from each other. Because she refused to live in this world without Issac Wakefield.

Today doesn’t have to be that day.

Another week.


“We have to be careful,” she said, her fingers threading through his hair. “Far more careful than we’ve been.”

He nodded. “Yes.”

She nodded, too. “Not yet, then.”

“Not yet,” he repeated, his shoulders relaxing while his grip remained firm. “Not yet.”

He said the words several more times, sounding less and less sure with every breath. But Stas refused to hear the doubt creeping in, refused to acknowledge the sense of foreboding settling over her, and instead chose to live in the moment. With her Issac.

Her love.

Her always.


About Lexi C. Foss:

Lexi C. Foss is an award winning and bestselling author of paranormal romance. She loves complex plots, twists and turns, and writing fantasy with strong, realistic elements. Many of her readers comment on how her worlds feel real, and she not-so-secretly wishes they were—at least some of them.

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