FORTUNATE ENCOUNTERS by Caterina Passarelli – Blog Tour

Today we have the blog tour for FORTUNATE ENCOUNTERS by Caterina Passarelli, a first in the new Signs Series!

Series: The Signs Series
Author: Caterina Passarelli
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release: September 20
Cover Designer: Najla Qamber Designs


Sitting at the wrong table turned my life upside down.

I was supposed to be on a date with one man but made a huge mistake—a mistake I keep bumping into all over New York City.

Clark Chambers is arrogant, straightforward, devastatingly handsome, and takes what he wants. And right now his sight is set on me.

But he only wants friends with benefits. And I’d rather eat dirt than agree to that.

After an “enough is enough” moment, I turn to the Universe for help & ask for a special sign.

And it’s just my luck … looks like rabbits & romance really do mix!

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“You want some sexy tea?” Aunt Edie asks, thrusting a green tea mug at me.

I don’t ask her what “sexy tea” is because she may answer me, and I don’t want to hear her explain it.

“How’s Donny?” I ask, taking my first sip of what turns out to be savory honey tea.

“Who?” She tilts her head to the side.

I glance around her house to see if I can find a photo of him but come up empty.

“Did I get his name wrong? Weren’t you dating a guy named Donny?”

She brought him to a Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma and Grandpa’s house many years ago. Mom threw a fit at how disgraceful that was. To quote mom, he was a “hippie drug addict who did not belong at our table.” Mom has always looked down upon my aunt; Mom looks down on everyone.

“Oh, Donny! That dude is long gone, girl, get with the program.” She flips her silver hair behind her shoulder. “I’m dating Dean now. And Bruno. And Craig.”

I nearly choke on my tea, which burns my throat.  “You have three boyfriends?”

She doesn’t even bat an eyelash to confirm my shock. My aunt is a player.

“You didn’t come here to talk about my love life,” she says before she takes a nice long sip of her own sexy tea, “did you?” Her eyes go wide.

How do I even say this without sounding like a nut?

“I need you to help me ask for a sign,” I whisper.

“I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes? That kind of sign?” She sings the catchy tune, completely teasing me for being shy about all of this.

I laugh and drop my head into my hands in defeat.

“Okay, fine. I’m kind of dating this guy. But I’m also kind of not.” I nod my head along as I search for the right words. Aunt Edie just stares, waiting for me to continue. “And I want to know what I should do—ditch him or stick around. When I break it all down in my head, I know I should go. But there’s some kind of pull he has over me, that makes me want to stay. Is there something I can do to help me figure that out?”

I can’t believe I just said this to another living soul. Even hearing myself say it aloud embarrasses me.

“Have you tried making a pros and cons list?” Aunt Edie asks. She takes her red glasses off the top of her head and places them on her face, trying to look serious.

A list? She wants to know if I made a list?

This is not the advice I was expecting when I came here. This is the kind of advice my type-A personality could give myself. I’ve already made a list.

She watches the internal battle I’m having and then busts out laughing.

“Okay, okay, that was too fun. I’d never say make a list. How boring.” Aunt Edie gets up from the chair she was just sitting cross-legged in and walks over to a cabinet. She opens a drawer, pulls out a gold velvet pouch, and returns to her seat. “I want you to pick a crystal.”

She turns the pouch over and dumps out an assortment of gems on the table between us.

“What am I picking a crystal for?” I ask, looking at all the varieties in color, size, and shape.

“Why do you have so many questions? Just put your hand over the crystals and see which one speaks to you.”

It’s like she’s not even speaking English. Which one speaks to me? I didn’t know these were magical crystals that could talk.

“What are these things going to say? Hola, como estas?” I laugh, but Aunt Edie does not.

She raises her eyebrows and then nods her head in the direction of the crystals. She means business. “Pick one.”

Doing as she instructs because I’m a little scared of her, I place my hands in the air above the gems and wave them around. Nothing “speaks to me” but I grab the prettiest one.

“Hold it between your hands.” Aunt Edie also picks up a crystal and does as she tells me to do. “Now I want you to do whatever you see fit to get the crystal’s energy to connect with you—run it between your palms, squeeze it, kiss it, dance around the room with it, strip off your clothes and rub it on your body. Whatever you want.”

I stare at my aunt and then down to the pink gem sitting in the palm of my right hand. Dance with it? Strip naked? She’s out of her mind. I take the easy route and roll it between my palms until it warms up. Is this the energy she’s talking about?

No, that’s friction, you fool.

“Now I want you to channel your crystal’s energy when you ask the gorgeous, abundant Universe to send you a sign about your honey man. Say that you want to see a sign if you are supposed to stay with him.”

“What kind of sign?” I ask, sitting on the edge of my seat. I need all the answers. I’m a complete beginner at all this woo-woo stuff.

“Whatever sign you want.”

She says it like it’s so normal.

“I want to see …”

Aunt Edie cuts me off by waving her hands around. “Don’t say it like you don’t even mean it. That was totally lame. That’s how you want to speak to The Universe? With a tired, monotone voice—no, no, no. Do it again.”

My heart races, and my palms are sweating, with a now clammy crystal in my weak grasp.

“Who exactly am I talking to?” I feel ridiculous asking this question.

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About Caterina Passarelli

Former TV News Producer turned Romance author, Caterina Passarelli has always had a love for words. From real-life Detroit crime to fictional love stories around the globe, she hopes to take her readers on a fast-paced adventure.

Caterina is the author of five titles in multiple genres: Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense.

When she’s not writing about alpha males and strong, sarcastic women, she is the CEO of an online fitness coaching company.

Caterina is the fur mom to her three-year-old rescue dog, Piper, who she spoils uncontrollably.

She loves hearing from her readers on her Facebook page!

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