VOW OF ATONEMENT by Emma Renshaw – Blog Tour

Today we have the blog tour for the much anticipated second standalone novel in the Vow Series. Check out VOW OF ATONEMENT by Emma Renshaw and get your copy now!

Author: Emma Renshaw
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release: September 5th


A bossy Army vet determined to atone for his mistakes with the only girl he’s ever loved. A sassy boutique owner trying to shield her broken heart.

Roman stole every part of Harper’s heart and soul over a decade ago and left without giving her back the pieces. She’s spent the past decade trying to forget him and everything he made her feel.

When a mysterious figure shows up, changing her life with just a few sentences, she does the unthinkable—calls the man who left her shattered all those years ago.

Roman storms back into Harper’s life with a vengeance, determined to prove he is worthy of a second chance. He vows to keep her safe from the danger that has darkened her door.

But they’re both pawns in someone else’s game. And this vow might just be broken before the game is over…

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I can’t take it anymore when I get inside, and I whip around to see his smiling face. “Leave. I don’t need your help and you’re not staying.”

“Sugar, I’ll be on you like glue. Believe me, we will get to know each other again.”

“I have a boyfriend,” I lie and watch his smile grow.

“No, you don’t.” Roman takes a step toward me and I retreat a step.

“Yes, I do,” I scoff, rolling my eyes. I could totally have a boyfriend. He wouldn’t know.

“Oh yeah? Who?” He pops an eyebrow and crosses his arms over his broad chest.

I look around at every guy in the room before I notice none of my friends are here, except one. He’s going to have to do. I march straight up to Hudson, Liam’s best friend, wrapping myself around him like an octopus and whisper in his ear, “If you don’t pretend to be my boyfriend right now, I’ll tell everyone that you cried when we watched Notebook last week.”

Hudson’s hands immediately land on my ass, dragging me farther into him, already playing along. “You wouldn’t,” he growls.

I giggle like he said something sweet and charming. “You know I would.” I can feel Roman’s eyes watching us, but I don’t give him the satisfaction of looking his way.

“I was wasted,” Hudson tries to plead his case.

“Yeah, on wine coolers.” I roll my eyes. The story just gets worse for him. Since Savannah and Liam have gotten engaged, I’ve become closer with Hudson and James. James sometimes disappears, none of us knowing where he’s gone, so Hudson has turned my way to entertain him when he’s not out hooking up with a random girl. We usually hang out in his ginormous house watching movies, but last week, he came to my apartment. I only had wine coolers and chick flicks.

Hudson tugs on my hair, bringing my face right up to his. He’s glaring at me, but I hope Roman is mistaking it for passion. “Please,” I whisper. His eyes soften after he glances over my shoulder at Roman and starts kissing along my neck.

He murmurs into my skin. “Wine coolers were all you had. How long do I have to pretend, exactly?”

“Just keep going,” I hiss. “Make it really believable.”

Hudson continues to kiss me before lifting me up and wrapping my legs around him, backing me into a wall. “It was one, single, manly tear.”

“I have a video, believe me. It wasn’t one, single, manly tear. Make that guy over there believe I’m yours or I will show everyone. Hell, I’ll make James play it on a video screen at the gym.”

Hudson grumbles, weaving his hand into my hair, pulling my face to his, our lips hovering just out of reach. A shadow falls over us right as I hear Roman’s growled words. “Sugar, I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

I whip my head around to face him. “I will kiss my boyfriend if I want.”

“He’s not your boyfriend. We both know that.”

“Fuck off, man. She’s mine,” Hudson barks before kissing and nipping along my neck, trying to bring my attention back to him.

Roman ignores him, eyes still trained on me and speaks only to me. “Sugar, I’m warning you, if you don’t tell him to get your hand off your ass and out of your hair, I will his break his hands.”

Hudson whips his head up, turning toward Roman, anger swirling in his eyes. He drops me to the ground, stepping in front of me. “If you don’t back the fuck up from my girl, I’ll lay you out right here.”

About Emma Renshaw

Emma loves to write, just don’t ask her to write about herself. If she isn’t writing, you can find her lost in a book or trying to get her doggo to take a selfie with her. He usually refuses. At the end of the day, you can find Emma at the closest Mexican restaurant eating queso and sipping on a margarita. She lives in Texas with her husband and dog.

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