FIGHTING GRAVITY by Julie Adams – Blog Tour

Today we have the blog tour for FIGHTING GRAVITY, a brand new contemporary romance from debut author, Julie Adams! Read it for #FREE in Kindle Unlimited now!

Author: Julie Adams
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release: August 7


A man dubbed The Playboy of Paris is the last thing I need.

I came to Paris needing an ocean and a language between me and my past.
I need to learn to live again without fear.

Then Tragedy strikes again. I guess some people are just magnets for bad luck.
The only silver lining is the gorgeous man who literally broke down a door to save me.

Can I trust him? Can I trust myself?

Paris is as much me as I am it. We bleed into each other’s veins.
Running one of the biggest indie record labels is stressful,
and I forget myself with good music and fast women.
I never meant to save her. And I damn sure didn’t mean to fall in love with her.
Not with the secret I’m keeping.

Lies, lust, and love happen unexpectedly in The City of Light.

Full-length and standalone, with steamy scenes and a HEA


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I look into his eyes. My heart aching in my chest, would I ever be ready? Would I ever be able to give all of myself to someone again?

“It doesn’t have to be tonight.” He whispers leaning down and trailing his lips where his fingers had just traced. His lips moving lower down my throat and to my collarbones. His tongue dotting little lines along the way.

His hands catch the hem of my sweater and in one fluid motion he pulls it up over my head, revealing my lacy lingerie beneath.

He just stares, his hands holding me by my ribs. “Belle. Ma belle.” He breathes leaning down and kissing along the lace neckline of my bra.

His kisses delve lower and lower as he sinks to his knees. Would I ever tire of this sight? No, I don’t think any sane woman could.

The sex is languid, not as crazed and mad as the night before. We got acquainted with one another, learning every cue the other makes. And it is so quiet, silent and intense, as he gazes into my eyes watching for the moans I can’t make.

We lay wrapped up in messed sheets. The comforter half off the bed. Gray-blue light of spring dawn lighting the room. He holds me close and strokes my hair. I can feel myself relaxing, finding the comfort I had been needing this past year and haven’t gotten anywhere else, not in a therapist’s office, not in the coddling of my mother, or the protectiveness of my brother, not even in the pills they prescribed for the pain, anxiety, and sleep when the nightmares come.

I must have fallen asleep because the hand that was threading its way through my hair is now resting lightly on my arm. I open my eyes and Nathan’s standing there, dressed and smiling down at me.

“Good morning, love,” the endearment just rolls off his tongue.“I should go before your family wakes up.” I nod and he pulls my hand to his lips, kissing the back. “Tonight, come to my place. I want to sleep in with you.” I smile. “I’ll make sure you get the gourmet breakfast you were promised this time.”

“Alright, deal.”

“Will I ever not have to bribe you?”

I shrug. “I prefer to think of it as bartering and it seems to be working out well for both of us. You get sex, I get food.”

He chuckles, then leans down and brushes his lips against mine. “Get some sleep.” He pulls back from the bed but I hold fast to his hand. He turns and looks at me, his eyes sparkling above his grin. I purse my lips and he leans down giving me another peck.

He shakes his head and opens the door leaving me to get a few precious hours of sleep.

About Julie Adams

Julie is an author of contemporary romance novels and lives in the Midwest with her family. You can usually find her with coffee and some kind of electronic device that she can read e-books on while chasing her toddler. She stays up too late writing, watching television, browsing social media, and planning her travel bucket list

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