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Sexy. Sweet. Unapologetically romantic.

Hotshot CEO Landon Connor knows what he wants: success. He knows his way around the boardroom, and his work has been front and center for him since losing his wife. But after sealing the biggest deal of his career, he decides to take a trip to his hometown. Nothing spells vacation like a little time in the LA sun with the boisterous family he’s missed so mu

But the tempting landscape designer working for his sister spells a whole lot more than fun. Maddie Jennings is everything Landon didn’t think he wanted anymore. He can’t get enough of Maddie’s sweetness, or her sensual curves.

Despite fanning herself every time Landon comes near her, Maddie tries to ignore their attraction. But Maddie hasn’t met anyone quite like Landon. He’s sexier than anyone has the right to be, and more intense too.

When Landon romances her with late night walks and flowers, she can’t help giving in to him. His touch is intoxicating, and his love is beautiful.

But can Landon open up his heart for longer than a summer?

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Read an Excerpt from ANYTHING FOR YOU

When I stepped out of the cab, it seemed to me that only Maddie’s car was parked here. I stepped through the front gate and scanned the grounds. The rain soaked me in seconds. I had to use my palm as protection over my eyes to keep the rain from stabbing my eyeballs. The entire yard seemed covered in some sort of plastic tarp. Only the wooden trail was uncovered. I didn’t see Maddie, and my shoulders felt lighter. But as I finished scanning the front yard, movement on the far left caught my attention.

I groaned. There she was, her hands maneuvering the end of the tarp. And she was… arguing with herself? I couldn’t tell, but she was talking and shaking her head, and there was no one around. I headed straight toward her.

“What are you doing out here?” I tapped her shoulder, but she still startled, whirling around.

“I need to secure the cover with spikes,” she explained.

“Where are the guys?”

“They quit.”

“Maddie, let’s go inside. You can finish this when the rain eases a bit.”

She shook her head. “If I don’t secure this, there’s a risk the rain will dislodge the earth.” As far as I could see, there were spikes at regular intervals. The cover looked pretty fucking secure to me.

“Maddie, you’re soaked. I’m soaked.”

“Then go inside. I need to finish this.”

She kept fumbling with a spike, and I gripped both her wrists, looking straight at her. “Maddie, stop being so stubborn or I swear I’ll throw you over my shoulder and take you inside.”

She wiggled a hand out of my grip, then held the finger up warningly. “You just don’t get this.”

Except I did. I knew that feverish need to keep fixing what you could when a problem escalated until it was out of your control. I found myself in such situations at least twice a month at the office, and working through it always got me to the other end. But I wasn’t about to let Maddie give herself pneumonia.

She tried to wiggle her other hand out of my grip, but I tightened my fingers on her skin. I was scanning her body, weighing what the easiest way would be to toss her over my shoulders when she exclaimed, “Oh my God, you’re seriously going to throw me over your shoulder.”


She dropped the spike she was still gripping in the hand I held captive and started marching toward the house. I walked next to her, releasing her hand but keeping my eyes trained on her in case she changed her mind. When we stepped out of the rain and onto the porch, I took a good look at her. Her gray shirt was soaked and transparent, and I could see her black bra, the swell of her breasts where the fabric gave way to skin. Longing thrummed through me, to touch her, taste her. I wondered if she was wearing matching panties, but I didn’t have to wonder for too long. Her pants—not jeans, but some thinner fabric—were as transparent as her shirt. She was wearing a black thong, the thin scrap of fabric at the back running right over her crack, leaving her round ass cheeks in plain view. My fingers itched with the impulse to remove that thong, touch and lick all the places it had covered.

“You are unbelievable.” She took the elastic band out of her hair and squeezed the water out of her blonde tresses before whirling to face me. Stepping closer, she poked my chest. “Unbelievable. Who does that?”

“Who stays out in a torrential rain?” I countered, trying to ignore the bolt of heat her touch had sent through me.

“Someone who wants to finish a job.” She poked me again, and I caught her wrist because if she touched me one more time, I couldn’t be held responsible for my actions. Her mouth was so close. Pink and plump, and I knew she’d be soft and sweet. She licked her lower lip, her own gaze pinned on my shirt. When our eyes met, she brought her free hand to my chest, and I exhaled sharply.

I leaned in and captured her mouth. She parted her lips with a sigh, allowing me entrance. Her taste! I could get addicted to it, to the way she gave herself to me, without restraint or reservations. I let go of her wrist and moved one hand to her waist, fisted her hair with the other, angling her head so I could explore her mouth better. Slipping my hand down from her waist, I cupped her ass, pulling her flat against me. She groaned in my mouth when my erection pressed along her belly.

I was going to kiss her until her legs shook.


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Layla Hagen is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance.

She fell in love with books when she was nine years old, and her love affair with stories continues even now, many years later.

She writes steamy and romantic stories and can’t wait to share them with the world.

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