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Today we are featuring some exclusive content for the HOT IN THE HAMPTONS series! This series includes the titles SUMMER DREAMING by Liz Matis, SUMMER TEMPTATION by Wendy S. Marcus, and SUMMER SINS by Jennifer Probst.


will be released on Tuesday, August 4th.

Read below to learn more about fabulous characters from each book, and enter to win an amazing prize pack during the pre-order giveaway!

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Name: Kelsey Mitchell

Location: Grew up in Georgia.

Occupation: New college grad

Status: Happily single until…

Hobbies: Volleyball

Likes: Sun, fun, and sex.

Dislikes: Fake people.

3 words that describe you: Free spirit, great friend, and loyal

Favorite quote: “I bet you say that to all the mermaids.”

Book Blurb:

I’m looking for a hero. Not.

You’d think as a new college grad I’d be looking for the perfect job and the perfect man. Well, I’m not. Summer is here and instead of plotting my future, I’m playing in the Hamptons with my two best friends. Sun and sex is all I’m

looking for. Then I meet Sean Dempsey, my fantasy lifeguard in the flesh. But he is more than just a hot bod with a whistle. And after he makes a daring save, I’m thinking a hero is exactly what I’ve been looking for all along.

To the rescue…

By day I guard the beaches in the Hamptons, by night I’ve had my fair share of summer flings. Then I meet Kelsey Mitchell, a girl with eyes like the setting

sun and I burn for more. Something I have no right to ask of her…forever.

Love burns hotter in the Hamptons. Come play.


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Name:  Hi Everyone! My name is Leigh DeGray

Location: I live in an affluent neighborhood in Harrison, New York, a suburb of Westchester County.

Occupation: In May I graduated summa cum laude from Penn State. Come September, I’ll be starting a job in the New York City office of Hollis and Hamilton, the largest and most prestigious public relations firm in the country. At least that’s the plan…assuming I’m not pregnant. If I am…well…I may have to re-think taking on such a demanding, high profile position and all the travel that comes with it.

Status: Single and I’m fine with that.

Hobbies: Reading! I’m happiest alone in a quiet spot with my Kindle.

Likes: Any wine from Storme’s family vineyard, senior citizens, because I love hearing about their life experiences, and spending time with family and close friends.

Dislikes: Loud bars or parties filled with rude drunks, disrespectful people, and olives.

3 words that describe me: Hmmm. I’d have to say practical, thoughtful, and hardworking. I sound boring, but I’m not. Really!

Favorite quote: I don’t know who said it initially, but my favorite quote is: Be better than you were yesterday.

Book Blurb:

Meet Leigh DeGray…

After graduating college with honors and landing the job of my dreams in New York City, I’m off to The Hamptons to spend the summer with my two best friends.

My life seems perfect, right? It’s not. The truth is, I have a secret that may make the future I’d planned so carefully completely fall apart. A hot summer romance is the absolute last thing I’m looking for… Until I meet a man who tempts me like no other and shows me a hot summer romance is exactly what I need.

Meet Nick Kenzy…

After two years of working my ass off as a Wall Street analyst, I’m out of a job, with no warning, no thank you, and no severance. Am I angry? You’re damn right I

am. So when I head to the Hamptons for the weekend to spend time with my granddad, I plan to regroup and relax before I return to the city to hit the job search hard. I don’t need any distractions. Then I meet Leigh. Suddenly, a summer temptation makes me question everything I want for my future…

Love burns hotter in the Hamptons. Come play.


summer sins by Jennifer Probst 300dpi

SUMMER SINS by Jennifer Probst

Name: Storme Sullivan

Location: StonyBrook, NY

Occupation: Works at her parent’s vineyard, Drink It In Style

Status: Engaged. For now.

Hobbies: fashion design

Likes: her best girlfriends Kelsey and Leah, sewing, designing clothes, her family

Dislikes:  Arrogance, laziness, and Holden Fox. for now.

Favorite quote: I love the way Storme is full of sass and can challenge Holden every step of the way!

I bared my teeth and took my hit. “No. There’s no teasing when I decide I want to sleep with someone.” I licked my lips deliberately and gave him a full-on, pouty, I-want-to-do-you-right-now look. “I like a ride harder and faster than you or your motorcycle can ever give. Sugar. Have a good night.”

Book Blurb:

Summer fun before my wedding…

I have one goal this summer. Hang with my besties for some much needed sun, sand, and relaxation while I put the final touches on my idyllic wedding. I didn’t count on meeting a smart-mouthed, bad boy biker whose gaze burns hotter than a beach bonfire. I never planned to lose myself, body and soul, and question my entire future. Now, I have to make a choice that’s tearing me apart, and could shatter the lives of the two men I love…

Turns into summer sins….

I have one goal this summer. CHILL. Do nothing. Nada. I need simple before I have to head into Manhattan to take on a high powered position on Wall Street. I didn’t count on a dark haired, inky- eyed spitfire who’d spin my world upside down, or make me burn for things I never thought I wanted. I vowed to make her my summer fling, but had no idea she was claimed by another. And now that she possessed not only my body but my soul, the stakes are too high for me to lose her…

Love burns hotter in the Hamptons. Come play.





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