RT Bingo with InkSlinger PR!


We at InkSlinger PR are so excited to see you guys at RT in Dallas next week! If you’re coming to the Giant Book Fair, we have a fun surprise in store for you! 

Getting to see all of your favorite authors is pretty cool in it’s own right. Being able to see all of your favorite authors AND be entered to win a kindle… well, that’s pretty epic right? We think so too!

So, we’re giving away a Kindle Fire to one lucky winner!  

“But how do I win!?” I know you’re asking it. So, let us just go ahead and help you out by answering.


We are playing bingo! 



All of the rules are listed on the bingo card that you’ll find in this blog post! It’s blackout bingo, so you have to fill the whole card to be entered, but you have plenty of time to do that throughout the convention, and during the signing! 


**We encourage you to print your own card from home, but should you not be able to, or if you forget – we will have cards available at each participating author’s table** 

The rules are simple: 

1. Write your name somewhere on the front of this card. **Make sure we can see it! This is how we will verify that multiple people aren’t entering with the same card!** 

2. Fill the card with each person’s signature or initials in the correct box. 

3. Post a pic of your COMPLETELY SIGNED card on social media (any outlet) with the hashtag #InkSlingerDoesRT 

4. Be entered to win a Kindle Fire from Inkslinger PR. 

5. Keep your card as a keepsake from RT! 

6. Watch @InkSlingerPR on Twitter for the winner’s name on May 19th! 




This is going to be so much fun! We can’t wait to meet you guys and we hope you have so much fun playing Inkslinger Author Bingo! 


Happy RT’ing! 

-The Inkslinger PR Team