Sweet Nothing Release Day Launch and Tour

We introduced Mia Henry’s Sweet Nothing last week and we are so excited to share the release day launch and tour. I’m so excited to share the schedule for the tour and release day launch. Make sure you enter Mia’s giveaway as well, for a chance to win an Amazon gift card!!!


Sweet Nothing Tour


Tour Schedule:

Dec 13

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Dec 14

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Dec 15

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Dec 17

My Daily Romance           Review

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Dec 18

Ficwishes                             Review

The Chronic Romantic                    Interview

Dec 19

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Dec 20

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Becca the Bibliophile      Review

Dec 21

Kassie’s Book Thoughts                 Excerpt

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Dec 22

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Dec 23

The Boyfriend Bookmark                              Review Only

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Dec 24

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Dec 26

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Dec 27

Madison Says                    Excerpt

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Dec 28

The Book Hookup                            Review

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Sweet Nothing RDL

Release Day Launch

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Sweet Nothing Synopsis:

Elliot Halloran is running away. Away from her privileged Manhattan upbringing and a promising future at business school. Away from her family, which plummeted from A-list to disgraced after her criminal father’s atrocities were exposed. Despite the guilt Elliot feels for abandoning her family, she has no choice. She is too recognizable to live life as the person she has always been. So when an old family friend offers her a position as an economics instructor at Miami’s elite Alford Academy, Elliot jumps at the chance to distance herself from her past. She cuts her hair, changes her name, and vows never to speak of her old life again.

Keeping her identity hidden is harder than Elliot expected, especially with a roommate who seems to be on the verge of uncovering her true identity. As she fumbles through the opening chapters of her new life, Elliot encounters an entirely unforeseen obstacle: photography instructor Luke Poulos. Luke is sensitive and spontaneous. An art lover. Smart. Everything Elliot has ever wanted. Luke and Elliot’s connection deepens when she learns that he lost his parents in a car accident when he was a teenager. Like Elliot, Luke understands that life can shatter in an instant.

Elliot knows that a relationship with Luke is impossible; that he would never love her if he knew the details of her past. But as she struggles with whether to open herself to love or keep her true self locked away, Elliot learns that she’s not the only one with secrets.

Mia Henry  Bio:

Mia Henry adores all things romance, from steamy stories to ugly cry-inducing movies. She lives in Florida, where she dreams up storylines during beach walks with her muse, a ferocious 8-pound pup named Lulu.

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