“Inkslinger PR is more than a company, it’s a family. Full of heart, creativity, and initiative, the Inkslinger family is one that I cherish. I’ve been lucky enough to work with KP and her extremely professional, helpful, and responsive team for three years now, and they always do whatever they can to make the marketing and publicity of my work seamless and successful.”

Bethany Lopez, Award Winning Author


Publishing a book may take a village, but at the end of the day
whether a book succeeds or fails falls solely on my shoulders. That’s
why it’s so important to choose your book’s village with care.
Inkslinger PR has the knowledge and connections and creativity to
provide top notch publicity. But more than that, I trust them with my
words and my career. I seek KP Simmon’s advice on every major career
decision— whether it concerns publicity or not— because I know she has
stellar judgment and foresight. So if you’re beginning to build your
village, Inkslinger PR is the perfect place to start.

Cora Carmack, New York Times and USA Today bestselling Author


Inkslinger PR is more than a publicity firm. The strategy and market
insight has been mission critical for all aspects of my career! I
can’t imagine releasing a book without Inkslinger PR’s team by my

Lauren Blakely, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author 


Your books and your brand are in the best hands when you work with InkSlinger PR. When you hire KP and her team you are bringing on qualified professionals that will work just as hard, often times harder, to get your books and your name in front of readers. The team at InkSlinger are in the business because they love books and they love reading so you couldn’t ask for more passionate hands to handle all your hard work.

Jay Crownover, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author


In the ever changing book world, I know that I am in more than capable hands with Inkslinger PR. They are always on top of things and keep me well informed of all plans and how things are proceeding. I’m confident that they will do everything to make sure my books are in front of as many readers as possible.

Nichole Chase, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author 


My partnership with Inkslinger is the longest-running relationship I’ve had since I begin indie publishing. I think that speaks volumes to how invaluable they have become to me. My publicist at Inkslinger is my right hand in running my business, and I trust her with everything and then some. They have been a steady hand in this changing environment, keeping clients up-to-date on both trends and vital business changes. They are phenomenal partners.

Kendall Ryan, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author


Just hire them.”

Kristen Proby, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author


As a blogger, I love working with Inkslinger PR, not only because
they represent a number of my favorite authors, but because it’s truly
a pleasure working with their publicists. These ladies are
approachable, professional, and most of all, reliable – a combination
that makes Inkslinger my go-to PR company to promote the authors I
know and love.

Yvette, Nose Stuck In A Book


Inkslinger is exactly who we wanted to work on our books and has never let us down. They give us 100% effort. They are 100% Trustworthy. We get 150% results.

Liz Berry and M.J. Rose, 1001 Dark Nights


When it comes to working with authors and being in the know on what’s coming up, no one makes it easier than Insklinger PR. I love working with the team, who have taken the time to know me as a person and a blogger. They know what  I love to read, what I love to post about, and even which opportunities I may have missed inadvertently. I trust their caliber of authors and am always excited to see which creative ideas we can dream up together. It’s an absolute joy to work with the Inkslinger PR team. They are the best in the business: professional, caring and easy to work with.

Vilma Gonalez, Vilma’s Book Blog


“InkSlinger is extremely creative and focused on their marketing and promotion of my titles. I’ve been extremely impressed not only with their brilliant ideas, but their execution.”

Katie McGarry, Author of Pushing the Limits


“I’ve dealt with publicists as both a book blogger and an author, and hands down, Kelly Simmon is the best of the best. She’s professional, friendly, very communicative and knows the market inside and out. Her contacts are reputable and her management skills (of both people and time) are impeccable. You get what you pay for, and InkSlinger PR is worth every penny.”
Stephanie Lawton, Author of WANT


“Working with Kelly is like working with a good friend.  Even if you don’t know her, her initial interactions with you make it clear that she is receptive of your needs and personable.  She’s more than just a publicist: she is a reader that makes the clients and blogs she works with feel at ease.  I’ve come to look forward to a new pitch from Kelly because I know that she reads my blog and pitches things to me that I’m interested in – and that she’ll talk to me like I’m a person, not just a series of 1’s and 0’s coming together to form communication online.”
John Jacobson, Dreaming in Books


“Kelly has been an absolute dream to work with! As a book reviewer and blogger, I’ve participated in a couple of Blog Tours for InkSlinger PR, and have been so pleased with my experience thus far. Kelly made sure I had all of the information I could possibly need, kept me updated with any changes there were, and promoted the heck out of my blog when it came time for my stop on the tour. She isn’t just a PR person; she’s a friend. Kelly works tirelessly to make sure that everyone who depends on her is taken care of, and she is truly dedicated to what she does. She has earned my admiration and respect, and I will always be happy to work with her.”
Katie Tuccelli, BlookGirl


“Until Kelly became my publicist, I always rushed the release of my books. Once they went through the editing process, I wanted them out there in the world… I was too impatient to wait.  However, Kelly made me re-think that when she came up with a comprehensive release plan.  And it involved the thing I’m least good at:  waiting.  But the end result was worth it.  If You Stay debuted strong and was in the top 100 within a couple of days after release.”

Courtney ColeAuthor


“I’m what you call…careful. I mean, like, really careful. I don’t like to delegate. I love control. I relish in it. I’d throw in a ‘mwuahaha’ in here but it seems redundant. Anyway, there came a time in my career where I could no longer manage my publicity, could no longer balance my career as well as have time to write and instinctually I knew Inkslinger was where I needed to go. Reputation is everything in this industry and theirs is flawless. I knew two authors, at the time, who had hired Inkslinger and their praise of the work done here was nothing but encouraging. They spoke of an unprecedented work ethic, a strong sense of principle, and a plethora of solid connections. Here it is, a year later, and I cannot speak any higher of this company. I’ve gained more than a publicist, I’ve gained an incredible friend and a loyal colleague. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Period.” 

Fisher Amelie, Author


“When I decided to get into the world of writing, I never knew it would lead me to this point. At the time, all I thought was that I would write, submit, write, submit, and you get the picture. Silly me. Then I learned there was all that other “stuff” that went along with the writing and I quickly became so overwhelmed, that I didn’t quite know what to do.

After a year and a half on this crazy train, I knew I needed help and fast. That’s when I reached out to KPSimmon at InkSlingerPR. I’d heard just awesome things about her through the Facebook grapevine and also through some author friends, so I knew she was number one on my list for help. And boy did I ever need it.

Then the funniest thing happened right after that. I attended UtopYaCon in Nashville, and much to my surprise, I actually got to meet her. She was a panelist and after I heard her speak, I knew InkSlingerPR would be the perfect match for me.

A month after that, Kelly and I chatted and she lifted that burden off my chest. No more worries about release promotions, blog tours, blitz days scheduling, promo banners, posts, etc. All of those things that are crucial to the success of a new release are handled by Jessica—my angel at InkSlinger. If I want to do a giveaway, all I need to do is shoot Jessica a message or text, and bam, it’s done. And the ideas that these ladies generate are amazing, not to mention how systematically they approach things. InkSlingerPR is a well-oiled machine and if you’ve been in this business for any time at all, you know how unpredictable it is. Well, Kelly has fined-tuned her marketing strategies, based on a number of experiences she’s had working with highly successful authors. If you don’t believe me, just look at her track record and see for yourself. Enough said on that. As for myself, I can only say this— my exposure has increased exponentially since I’ve signed with InkSlingerPR. If I ever have any issues, I know Jessica or Kelly is either a message, text or phone call away. (Now, if I could only get them to come and organize my office, I would be in GREAT shape… but you know what they say… a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, right?)”

A.M. Hargrove, Author


“Working with InkSlinger has taken the “work” out of writing for me. I know they are there to help plan, organize, create, and execute the most successful strategies for me. I can’t imagine putting my books in anyone else’s hands.”

T.A. Foster, Author


“I’m closing in on nearly one year as an InkSlinger PR client, and I can’t speak highly enough about the experience. When I first signed on, I’d expected a superb professional experience, and those expectations were met, but what stands out the most about InkSlinger, and specifically working with Kelly, is the personal nature of it. With Kelly I got not only a publicist, but a hand to hold, a sounding board, and a constant reminder that as solitary as writing can be, I was no longer navigating the waters of indie authorship alone. My decision to work with InkSlinger stands out as one of the best ones I’ve made for my writing career.”

Alyssa Rose Ivy, Author


“The wonderful ladies of InkSlinger are not just great at what they do, they’re also some of the kindest, most wonderful people I’ve met in this business. I don’t think I could ask for anything more.”

Chelsea M. Cameron, Author

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